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    Miguel Gaton


    In the criteria section, the values are only visibles as a tooltipo. Is it possible to configure the plugin and show the value as text to make it more visible to users?. For example it’s hard to see the difference between 2 similar value (70 vs 72,73, etc).


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    I know what you mean. We had this before while testing the plugin, but there were an issue with displaying the percentage value (if it’s 10% and less or 90% and more), some text will be missing and it won’t look good. So we removed it.

    I have this on our to do list, maybe we can roll it in a future update if we found a good solution.

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    I am afraid this is just a crucial feature that is available on all free review add-ons! This should be sorted – asap, if this add-on is to be considered a fair puchase – not a maybe.

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      Thank you for your input, I am considering it.

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