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    Ondrej G.

    Is Update criteria button suppose to add default criterias to all review posts (add postmeta _wprs_post_repeatable)?

    If so, it doesn’t work correctly as it does not add criterias to my posts that have this information filled:

    – snippet type: product
    – review type: aggregate
    – name

    Is something more needed or is it a bug?

    Just thinking if I have to use sql to add _wprs_post_repeatable to all my posts or I can do it more easily via your plugin Update criteria button.

    Thanks in advance!

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    This feature should be used with care! It should update all reviews entries with new Criteria values that has been set in the default criteria fields.

    So, to make it work, you first set criteria default values (including the rating value, you can set it to something like 50%) Then save settings (This is important).

    Remember! The Rating value of 50% will be set across all old entries (and also new entries you will create) as part of Editor review, which enables user criteria on Aggregate reviews. My guess is you have not set the Rating value in the default criteria fields.

    I hope this helps, if not then you will probably need to submit a support ticket to let me check plugin settings on your website.

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    Ondrej G.

    Hi Hesham, thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunatelly I did all of that but clicking on update criteria didnt add postmeta _wprs_post_repeatable to posts anyway 🙁 I have about 2500 posts, so I wanted to get the same review criteria to all of them as these are needed for more thorough users reviews (I dont use editor reviews).

    I ended up by inserting those criterias (adding postmeta _wprs_post_repeatable) to each post via SQL query (I needed it desperately for testing purposes) so it is not a problem to me anymore, but you might want to check the button functionality for other clients of yours.

    But of course – it can be a problem just on my site so please dont blame me… 🙂

    Have a great day!


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    The function works on my test site with no issues. So, maybe this has something to do with script time out, however if this is the case then you should find some of the early entries saved with criteria.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a test site with large amount content at this time, but I am considering re-coding the whole criteria part again to extend its functionality and make it better.

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