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    Tim Chard

    Hi Hesham,

    I haven’t purchased the add-on yet, but if I could create a separate ranking table per location, it would help make this a viable “directory” for the clubs in Tokyo.

    I remember you mentioning that I can’t rank by Criteria ID, however, could I simply create a different ranking table per location (and name the ranking table by location)?

    Also, can I list clubs in the Ranking Table that don’t have a review or a post yet? Or does it only allow Ranking if a post/review has been created?

    I hope this makes sense. My site is

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    Hi Tim,

    The location has to be saved some how in the review entry, so it depends on how location is stored or maybe the review entry is listed in a location category, so you can sort based on that specific category.

    The table shortcode has several parameters that you can use:

    cpt=”test” (custom post type)
    taxonomy=”” (taxonomy)
    tax_term=”” (taxonomy term)
    parent=”” (parent page id)
    cat=”1″ (category id)

    The table will display entries that you’ve enabled reviews on.

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