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    Hi Hesham,
    I install in my website both wp-reviews than rich snippets but revies part doest works.
    Moreover Rich snippets doesn’t overwrite the default plugin settings: in the article rating the rating box splits.
    User can only comments but not rating or vote by criteria.
    I have done a product test page .

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    the product test page link is OrizzonteStore

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    The Theme you are using is overriding the styles of the plugin, try adding this to the very end of your Theme’s styles file:

    #comments span {padding-top: 0 !important;}

    I hope this solve the issue.

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      Yes thank you,now criteria in comment works.
      I have always have a problem with User Reviews: they work only with popup form but I need that reviews looks like this
      I disable the popup, so you can see the problem.
      This is the test page.
      Tell me if you need a admin user for WP dashboard.

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    Hi Hesham;
    I still have big problems with user reviews that doesn’t work.Please I need the section Add user reviews in the bottom of this page
    Tell me if you need a user access to my website

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      Hi Giorgio,

      It looks like comments aren’t open on that page! Please make sure you open comments are open/allowed.

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    Hi Hesham ,
    I made a new user for you:
    I have just tried open comments in discussion settings but nothing changes.

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    Hi Hesham,
    Please we need to fix this bug soon…

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    Hi Giorgio,

    I’ve tried to check your website now, but I can’t work while it’s asking me for authentication to display the website! I can’t even test the plugin!

    P.S. Please, do not post any login details in the forum. Get in touch with me via the contact page.

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    Also, it looks like the Theme you are using is not using the default classes for WordPress comment form, probably that’s the cause of the issue.

    I’ve enabled the popup for submitting reviews and it’s working!

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    Hi Hesham,

    I send you a reply in contact page with authentication to the website.
    I’ve just seen that the popup works but I need the form reviews.
    I hope we’ll be in touch soon

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      OK thanks.

      I got the WP Rich Snippets plugin to work on your website and emailed you about it.

      P.S. It’s recommended to use the WP Rich Snippets plugin as it will get most of development in the future.

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