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    Roxane Fallon


    I would like to do two things with the Author hReview plug-in:

    1. Review Summary – I would like the Review Summary to appear within the box when using the wide box. I need a visual separation from my other content.

    2. I would like the button to open the link in the same window instead of a new window.

    Is there is an easy way to accomplish to these changes? Thank you.


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    Hi Roxana,

    1- You can edit the review templates , find them in this location /inc/templates/ folder. This will require some PHP knowledge. So, the other way is to use the default rating box, and simply increase it’s width to fit on your review post.

    2- You can edit review template you are using, search for target="_blank" and remove it.

    P.S. I will probably include this as an option in coming updates.

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