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    Reginald Chan

    Hi guys

    Okay by default the review box goes at the beginning of the page or post right?

    What should I do if I want to move it down and right after end of the post? There is an option to have a box at the bottom but the outlook is not the same with the top one. I rather having the top one at the bottom.

    Do you understand what I’m trying to ask for this? Sorry if it misleads you!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    *p/s what is the difference between WP Review Pro and Author hReview? Curious!


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    Hi Reginald,

    What’s called “below content Box” is actually a (Mini Rating Box) that is displayed below content.

    This feature (to show the Rating Box at the end of content) exists only in the WP Reviews at the moment. I may add it to the Author hReview plugin in the future.

    The plugins you have in the package are:

    1- Author hReview (author/editor reviews)
    2- WP Reviews (author/visitor reviews) *New
    3- Customer Testimonials (bonus plugin)

    Read this post to know more about the package.

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    Reginald Chan

    Hey thanks for the reply (and email yesterday).

    Hmm…I actually want to have it at the bottom and therefore, is there a quick way to export whatever in HReview to WP Review? I hope you don’t mind asking mate.


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