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    Guy Lawler

    Hi Hesham

    I took your advice about inputting the main body text of the review in the regular WP body text area. This does work but for some reason appears above the plugin content ie the image etc

    Please see this example

    Could you please advise if there is a fix for this? I am using the Freshlife Theme from Them-Junkie BTW

    Thanks again for your help,


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    This because you set the review box to show below content, you can change that within the Review Settings post meta under the display settings, here:

    Post Editor > Review Settings > Display > Show rating box below content?

    Also, check under the plugin settings, maybe you have this as the default display:

    Plugin Settings > Display > Show rating box below content?

    I hope this helps.

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    Guy Lawler

    Thanks Hesham. I’m sorry I should have spotted that setting myself.

    Weirdly I have kind of got used to it and wonder if Google might prefer it this way round. I’ve read that they tend to favour content above the fold. What do you think? If you are aiming for Google traffic do you think this is a good idea?

    Thanks again for your excellent support!

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    Well, in our case; I don’t really know, but I think it won’t make any difference for Google, but it could make a lot of difference for your site visitors.

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