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    Hi Hesham

    When I hit the ‘Reset’ button on the plugin’s settings page, nothing really resets. Even though I have to enter the Activation Key again, my changes (to the plugin’s core files) still remain.

    What’s the best way to have the plugin in its original form? Should I overwrite via FTP?

    Raaj Trambadia

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    At this point, the plugin has no default settings really, so there is no way to reset options. The reset button reset only the API license key, but keep the option the same as you’ve saved them before.

    I will work on this once I get the next update out, I know it’s so important to have this done.

    That was about the options, but if you have made changes to the plugin code (which is I don’t recommend, you will lose changes when you update the plugin, practically you will lose future features and bug fixes, so you really don’t want that as I will put a lot more cool features in this plugin in the coming releases) you will have to FTP the original files, and that will do.

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    Alright. But I wanted to add one more field to the “Link” tab for the review, and have 2 buttons there instead of one. However, I’m a bit confused as to which template is being used as of now. After added the fields, I made some changes to the default template but nothing took place. The I realised that it is the SQUARE template that is currently being used as the default one.

    So what is the best way to make such changes, Hesham? Changes like I wanted to give a different class to the button inside the review, and a few such small changes.

    Raaj Trambadia

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    Man, you are reading my thoughts 🙂

    I am working on the second link, which should be a link to “Demo” or something like that, you can see how it will look like here:

    The best way to make changes to the plugin is to “request a new feature”, if it make sense and could benefit other members, I will add it to the plugin. Rather than that (And, because I don’t offer a developer package, so you are by your own.

    P.S. I am re-coding big parts of the plugin, making everything to work though functions that can be called anywhere, so when I am done, you will be able to customize the template or even create your own in an easier way.

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    Haha – yes, I was adding the feature myself to add the demo button. But I’ll wait – not a problem.

    And yes, I guess I can wait to until the next update, after which I’ll make my changes to the template.

    Or if I put it as a feature request – Please add a field to enter our custom classes for the links (buttons) on the review box. That’s because I don’t want to make make changes to the templates everytime I update the plugin.

    Raaj Trambadia

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    Cool, will do soon and release it on the first chance when I am done.

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