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    John Garner

    Hi there Hesham,

    1) I’d really like to be able to remove the Author “Reviewed by” + “Published on” + “Last modified” from the top area and only display the criteria.

    2 I’d also like to be able to show the criteria in 2 columns. Would it be possible to have on option like in the Genesis Sandbox – Featured Content widget: “Need to add column classes? Check to add column classes to your site. Column Class:” (and maybe even the option to name the column class) so that you can have the criteria in 2 or 3 columns?



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    John Garner

    OK so I’ve just found where to remove these (In display settings tab) and the text you have there: “Display settings below is NOT recommended, Google wants you to show review details, so use them on your own responsibility”
    I would suggest changing this to:
    “Activating the below to not show the selected review details is NOT recommended, Google wants to show review details, so use them at your own risk”

    Since the review author name is already displayed on the page can this not be used instead?

    I’d still like to display the criteria in 2 columns below the author name and published / changed by details. Is there some way to allow as suggested above for me to select to display criteria in columns?



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    Hi John,

    Thanks for your help, I’ve edited the text, it will be part of the next plugin update.

    1- The problem is how the Author name is marked. So, I had to make it show again inside the Box to mark it up correctly for the Snippets to work.

    2- If you are familiar with WordPress filters and the Bootstrap framework, then you can actually filter the whole Box template. You can do this by copying the Box function you are using into a new function. I can’t really explain this here now, but it will be explained on the new Plugin Documentation section I am working on, hopefully I can get something ready by next week. (However, dividing the criteria fields to show on two columns require a complete re-code for the criteria function, which is not part of our support). Anyways, you can always write your own function with the help of the one I am using in the plugin core and add that to your Theme’s functions.php file to use it when needed.

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