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    Hi I have got the editor/user function working OKish .. but

    if you look under Cons here:

    There is a useless box showing 0% and an ueditable criteria – how can i delete this please and just have the Add Review button here


    If you scroll down it is asking to Add Review again???? – how can i remove

    Finally , for now:-)

    On here –

    The review preview writes:
    Hop King Brewing Co – Liberator Pale Ale Rated 0 stars0 / 5 (0 Reviewers)0%AromaUser: 0%TasteUser: 0%FinishUser: 0%ColourUser: 0%

    What is this??? – How can I remove??


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    This is the user aggregate rating details section, which shows after the content of your review. There is no way to remove it now, however I will add this to my to-do-list as I have to test it first before applying some way to remove it.

    I see that you actually didn’t write anything any the content editor, try adding some detailed review of the item, it should look ok when you start getting user reviews. Please, take a look at the demo page for this example.

    For your other issue, the theme is pulling the review text. This probably happen due to the function they are using, I think if you add a paragraph or two to the content editor, this will be solved.

    I am not sure if this will work, but you can try it by following these steps:

    1- Try editing the wprs-filters.php file, that is located at wp-rich-snippets/lib/includes/ folder.

    2- Find the wprs_schema_content() function, around line 17 at the beginning of the file.

    3- Add this after the $global $post; line:

    // apply only on singular pages
    if( ! is_singular() ) return $content;

    Let me know if this fixed the issue, otherwise you are welcome to open a support ticket within your account to gain us access to the site so we can look at it.

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