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    Wil Klass


    I’m using the “[ratingbox] ” code to place the box where I want to in the post. And it does appear there . . . but without any formatting. There’s no summary. There’s no box with background color. There’s only the star rating, product name, author name and price.

    How do I use [ratingbox] to make the box look like it does when I don’t click the “hide” box?

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    Hi, it’s explained here.

    This shortcode has its own template, we designed it with your content in mind, so basically it has a light layout to not interfere with your content.

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    Wil Klass

    Ah, I see now what meant by “The shortcode has its own template.”

    So I guess the question becomes: How can I change the shortcode’s template? I’d like to create a background box and make the summary appear, among other changes.

    For future versions, it would be great if you could decide whether you wanted the shortcode to have a different template. I’d like to have a rating box that looks like the automatically generated one. I just can’t have it on the very top or very bottom of the post.

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