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    Devi Sekzi


    So I just started using Views from wp-types.com, and it is awesome! I was pleased to see WP Reviews providing extra compatability with this plugin too.

    I am trying to create a custom archive layout using views though, and need a way to be able to display the rating stars.

    I see the code for the rating stars resembles this:

    <span class="rating r-45" title="Rated 4.5"></span>

    Which I could replicate in views if there was a custom field similar to “ta_post_review_rating” but without the decimal. It would be awkward looking but it would work. I don’t suppose you might have an idea on how I can add the rating stars to my archive loop do you Hesham?


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    There is an option in the plugin to display the rating stars on home page, it may also work on archives (not sure if it works on Views archives though)

    Give it a try, go to the plugin settings page, under the display tab, tick the check box where it says “Attemp to display rating stars on home page?”.

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