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    Chris Baxter


    I have a general question about plugin licensing which you can probably help me with.

    When we install your plugin, it obviously makes callbacks to your server to check that a valid license is held.

    But what happens if (for some reason) your server is down? Would the Google Snippet functionality be immediately suspended, or would the plugin say make another callback 24 hours later?

    I’m just curious, as lots of plugins (quite rightly) make licensing checks and I’m just curious what would happen if the licensing server suffers an outage?



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    The callback is done only once, on the first time you activate the plugin, after that the plugin do not check again!

    In other words.. let’s say you are activating the plugin “for the first time”, and the API is down, here a problem happen, but your data is already saved, so when server goes up again, the plugin will be active.

    Also, if you deactivated the plugin, then activate it again, no check happen! This is only one time, on the first time activation.

    Chances for problems are too low! Hopefully.

    I hope this explains.

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    Chris Baxter


    That’s absolutely brilliant and makes perfect sense.

    Great to see some commonsense and logical thinking 🙂


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