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    Devi Sekzi


    Another question. Would there be any way (I’m a Genesis user btw) to remove the Pros and Cons from a single post’s footer area and insert it elsewhere in the post?

    As it happens, I WOULD like to be able to have this moved to the middle area of a post.

    So if there was a shortcode that could be used to generate the pro’s / con’s list, and a toggle to prevent it from auto displaying… that could be a fairly simple work around perhaps!


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    The Pros and Cons are stored in post meta, so it’s easy to display them by a shortcode, I will add this to my to do list for future updates.

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    Devi Sekzi

    In the meantime would there be a hack (function or something) I could use to disable the pros and cons from displaying at the bottom? And what might an example shortcode look like to display the pros and cons elsewhere?

    I’m sorry Hesham, I haven’t worked with post meta much in this fashion yet..

    Thank you for all the very informative replies though so far! My site is starting to look fantastic thanks to your support! I am VERY happy so far!

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    You got to read the shortcode API, and also see how to get and display post meta.

    Great. I hope this helps.

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