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    Paula Boyles


    I realize that the answer to my question may be fairly obvious, but what are the recommended steps for updating the Rich Snippets plugin to the latest version (Beta b71)?

    There doesn’t appear to be an automatic method provided (pushed to us via the WordPress dashboard), and I encounter errors when I attempt to update after deactivating the existing version of the plugin. I don’t want to eliminate any existing review data or settings.

    Help anyone?


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    Hi Paula,

    Updates should be manually done at this time. There is no automatic updates yet, but I am planning to add it to the plugin on the first chance to make it easier for everyone.

    To do the upgrade, simply:

    1- Deactivate and delete the plugin via the WordPress > Plugins page within the dashboard.

    2- Upload and activate the new version of the plugin.

    At any way, you won’t lose any reviews data when upgrading the plugin to a newer version, all reviews data are stored in the database so don’t worry about that.

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    Paula Boyles

    Thank you Hesham.

    I was concerned that the data would be removed when we replied “yes” to the question of deleting files.

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      No problem, it’s always better to ask 🙂

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