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    Sarah Turner

    First off, thank you for making such a great plugin. Out of the box, there are a number of wonderful features that have saved many hours of custom programming.

    However, there are some major issues involved in integrating the functionality of this plugin into a custom theme.

    There are no template overrides like you see in most major plugins (e.g. The Events Calendar, WooCommerce, etc…), which makes it difficult to customize the appearance and layout of the reviews.

    Furthermore, it’s quite difficult to grab individual pieces of the review template and insert them into a theme file which should, in theory, be quite simple to do.

    We need to be able to easily be able to call items like average rating by star, total number of ratings, and average rating by criteria, inside of a theme file. Even being able to echo the shortcodes inside of a loop would be extremely helpful.

    Is there documentation somewhere that I’m not seeing? I’ve seen lots of references to upsell plugins that solve some basic issues, but nothing for people looking to customize the plugins layout or call individual fields from the plugin’s data.

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    Hi Sarah,

    Glad you are liking the plugin, and thank you for the great feedback.

    Plugins like WooCommerce is really different that our plugins, the biggest different is that our plugins do not require a specific Custom Post Type, it’s designed to work with any custom post type, so practically there is no need for template overrides. This also explains why it’s not working properly with some plugins like WooCommerce.

    Also, the Wp Reviews plugin isn’t designed for developers, hence we don’t offer a developer license neither a support for developers, it’s out of the scoop of what we offer at this point.

    So, just to let you know, we are working on a new add-on to integrate with WooCommerce to be released soon. However, this won’t be part of the WP Reviews plugin, the new add-on will work only with WP Rich Snippets plugin.

    The good thing is the WP Rich Snippets plugin is designed with developer in mind (this explains why we still don’t have documentation for this), so you can interact with it in some ways. Please, have a look at this GitHub, it’s what you can use to filter the output of the Rich Snippets Box template. Practically, the wprs_templat function will return an array of all elements.

    I recommend switching to the WP Rich Snippets, it’s the most advanced and feature rich plugin in our package.

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