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    Gary Box


    Just purchased your plugin and seem to have an issue on my website. The domain London adventuregroup.org uses event espresso plugin to allow customers to register and pay for events. Since installing your plugin the confirm registration button that used to show vanishes preventing customers from registering. I’ve just disabled your plugin and button visible again.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi Gary, thanks for the purchase.

    This looks like a jQuery conflict. There two options in the plugin settings page that you can disable and check if issue solved (however, we will need to make sure that the WP Reviews itself still working while jQuery is disabled).

    Event Espresso loads jQuery v1.8.3, while WP Reviews require jQuery v1.9.1 to function.

    I’ve installed the light version of the plugin, which seems to work fine on my test setup. I assume you are using the Pro version of Event Espresso.

    Please, do this two tests for me, activate the plugin again, and go to the plugin settings page, scroll down to the Technical Settings:

    1) Disable loading jQuery, and check if this solve the issue. (if it’s not solved, then keep this option checked and follow the next test)
    2) Disable loading jQuery UI.

    Let me know how it goes, if this didn’t solve the issue, I will have to dig into this in during the weekend, hopefully I will find a solution.

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    Gary Box

    Hi Hesham,

    Your solution did not work. The solution given by Event Espresso seems to have solved the issue. Just for reference their response was:

    It isnt a conflict as such, it seems the theme is styling the button text to white so it looks like its missing when it isnt, as a temporary fix you can keep the review plugin active if you add this to your style.css file or a plugin such as My Custom CSS.

    .btn_event_form_submit {
    color: #000 !important;

    All it does is force the button text back to its default black.


    Not 100% sure why it works when the review plugin is deactivated, but I did notice a distinct styling difference between active and not active plugin.

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    I see, glad you’ve sorted this out. I couldn’t replicate it though!

    Thanks for sharing the solution. Much appreciated.

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