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    Jonathan Nyberg

    I am getting this message when I try to activate Authour hreview Pro:

    The Author hReview plugin requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed on your web hosting, in most cases you will have it already installed but (not activated), just follow these steps:

    1- Login to your cPanel.
    2- Under the Software/Services category, click on the PHP Config icon.
    3- Inside of this, you will find the option to select Ion Cube
    4- Select this and hit Save Changes

    I contacted my host, IonCube is already running by default. Please help.

    My host is Bluehost.

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    Hi, the IonCube loader is installed on BluHost already, but you need to activate it, please follow the steps, you don’t need to contact their support.

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    Jonathan Nyberg

    Thank you for reply.

    The plugin is still NOT working and will NOT install.

    I have verified IconCube is activated at Bluehost.

    The FREE version of the plugin worked fine.

    It stopped working when I upgraded to Pro.

    WP Testimonials is getting the same error message and will NOT install.

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    Hi Jonathan,

    The ionCube loader is installed on BlueHost, but it need to be activated!

    Please, login to your hosting cPanel and follow the steps to activate it.

    By the way, this site ( is hosted at BlueHost, and I do most of my tests on BlueHost, so no matter what BlueHost support tells you, if the plugin doesn’t work, this because the loader is not activated.

    P.S. I can activate it for you if I have access to your hosting cPanel, but I just don’t see a need for that, activating the loader is pretty simple, and you can do it by yourself, you don’t even need to BlueHost help.

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