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    Gary Box


    Had this plugin for some weeks. Added reviews to some existing posts weeks ago and still stars not showing in Google serps. When I use snippets testing tool seems to indicate should work but Google not displaying. Should this plugin work on existing posts already indexed by Google or just new ones created after you install plugin? Anyone else have this problem? I want to like this plugin but just does not work for me.


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    Hi Gary, are you hiding the default Rating Box or any of its elements? (this could cause a problem with Google)

    Yes, the plugin should work on old and new posts, it doesn’t matter as long as Google re-index it and see the changes.

    Would you please provide a link to one of your reviews?

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    Gary Box

    Hi Hesham,

    No I’m not hiding default Rating Box, default is the active one in the settings. I’ve tried to edit text of post slightly to get Goodle to re-index it. Usually my posts are indexed within about 24 hours but I cannot seem to get the stars to show in serps. Here are 2 URL examples:

    Please advise what I can do?


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    Your reviews looks good to me, there is nothing to do really if the reviews are validated in Google Rich Snippets Test Tool.

    However, you can try telling Google about your content:

    P.S. I am using the Microdata— schema.

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    Indeed, is not working. I used to have at least some articles with stars showing in Google, but every time Google reindex my site just blow away the snippets.

    I’ve already “told” Google about my content. I guess its something with this particular plugin, I dont see WP Reviews Pro users having this problem.

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