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    Harry Tucker


    I installed the plugin and it all looked great, but it has stuffed up my sidebar and pushes it below the post, even on posts and the homepage where it isn’t being used.

    Any ideas?

    Site is:

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    Matt Etheridge

    Yes, I had this same problem as well. I managed to fix it by changing the CSS for the sidebar. something like:

    #sidebar {

    … it used to be width:320px; or something like that. I’m using an ElegantThemes Aggregate theme. But I’m pretty sure every theme is going to be different, so maybe just have a play around in Firebug or Chrome and see how changes to the sidebar’s width modifies the position of the sidebar.



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    Harry Tucker

    Thanks Matt, I’m using an Elegant Themes one too, so I’ll give it a go!

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    This is likely to happen when a theme uses same styles as the plugin, it cause a conflict!

    Let me know if you haven’t fixed it yet, and I may take a look.

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    Thanks for sharing your solution Matt. Yes, the fix may be different depending on the theme styles.

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