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    david miller

    Hi can u help? My plug in has worked very well but now I cant get it to work on my main site I thought it migt be because I changed from a single to multisite licence so I reinstalled and reset the api but still not working. Can u help please, where do I give u my site logiin details – this is an open forum?

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    Hi David, would you please provide more details, what you means by stop working? What is it that used to work before and now stopped? (this has nothing to do with license)

    I see that you are using version, we have released a few updates since that version, we now have, you can follow up with plugins updates here. Also, I send email to all members whenever an update is released (so please make sure to add the site email to your contacts so it won’t go to spam folder) please download the plugin within your account and install it instead of the one you are having now.

    To do so, dimply deactivate the old plugin and delete it. Then, install the new one and activate it (no review data will be lost in this process, so don’t worry about that).

    After that, I will see if I need access to your site. (I will let you know, however I think we won’t need it if you update the plugin).

    If I asked you for access, you can create a new user in your WordPress dashboard, set this user to be an administrator, then send the user name and password by email.

    Also, please provide details or include a link to the thread in the support forum so I can track the issue.

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    david miller

    Hi Hesham

    Worked perfectly – thanks. Send you a testimonial – hope you can use it

    David M

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    Matthew Dillingham

    Good day.

    We installed after deactivating and it is working but it seems that the styles have been removed and the stars no longer show up. Instead of five stars I now see the number 5. I had to reactivate since the site is live but was hoping you could help us out. You can see how we are using your plugin here:

    Also we are using [ratingbox] to display the ratings and that worked with When we started using the ratings showed above and below the post with review summaries. We would prefer for version to display the same as 1.0.13.

    Here is an example of how we want it to look:

    The reason we upgraded is because when moving to the new version of WordPress we noticed that the plugin was no longer saving information.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Matthew, do you still have this issue? (I can see the stars on the link you provided).

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