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    Tim Chard

    Hi Hesham,

    Perhaps this has already been discussed before, but I could not find a Search function for previous topics in the forum and I thought creating a separate topic for my issue would help other users as well.

    As it is, I can not add text below the pros/cons. Any information I write outside of the “review” plug in will show up above my review and look awkward. Here is my example:

    I have a very basic understanding of coding, but could you elaborate on how I can fix this? And would I need to use custom coding for every review I add on the site? My site is only partially reviews, the rest is information.

    Thank you,


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    Thank you for bringing this up. I have a similar concern, and would love to know the ins and outs of positioning the pros/cons section within my reviews.

    Hell of a job on that review that you linked to, by the way. I need to visit on a good drum & bass evening.

    Best regards,


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    Tim Chard

    Hi CP,

    Glad you liked the review! Drum and bass is my personal favorite genre to get down to- and the biggest one is always on the first Saturday. However, theres almost always a dnb event on the weekend somewhere in Tokyo.

    Hopefully with some adjustments, I can allow people to search for their genres/preferences among the reviews.

    Thanks for checking it out 😀


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    Tim Chard

    Hesham helped me through a support ticket.

    For the pros/cons, go to Rich Snippets -> Settings -> Help. There are the short codes for the Pros/Cons. Disable the Pros/Cons on your review, and you can post these short codes into the Content (where you would normally write a non-review post).

    Also, if you want your Content (where you normally write a review) to go below the review, makes sure you have UNCHECKED the box in the Rich Snippets -> Settings -> Display.

    Problem solved!

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    Thanks for sharing Tim.

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