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    Marc Eastman

    Is there by any chance a way to output a list (alphabetically hopefully) of all reviews with the star ratings and links to those reviews on a WordPress page?

    I have a movie review (and other stuff) site, and that would be a fantastic addition.

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    Yes, there is actually two ways to do that via shortcodes, for example:

    To display recent reviews based ordered by “date”:
    Use:[recent_reviews num=5 images=yes summary=yes]

    To display related reviews on any review post:
    Use: [related_reviews num=5 images=yes summary=yes]

    Please, read the shortcode documentation page for more information.

    P.S. order is by “date”, however I can make some changes in the coming update to make order by title (alphabetically) happen, just not sure when exactly this will be ready.

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    Marc Eastman

    I did see those options in the documentation, but what I want to do is have all the reviews show up on a page, not any particular number of them.

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    Ok, that’s not a problem.

    The parameters are optional though, you only need to remove the num, so it will be like this:

    Use: [recent_reviews images=yes summary=yes]

    This will display all reviews with image and summary.

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