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    James Johnston

    Is there a way to disable the top review box that displays at the top right of the content in a post? I came across some design issues when posting an image that is aligned right at the beginning of an article and if a post has a large image about midway down the page.

    I found that for images that manually inserted via the editor it may push the image down below review box and for large images it pushed images down below the review box create a lot of white space.

    So I thought it would be great if for posts like this it would be easier just to disable this review box and just use the one at the end of the article.

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    In the plugin main settings page, there are a few options that allows you to some stuff that override specific review settings, for example you can:

    – hide rating box on all reviews
    – choose a template for the review (default, wide, light… and more to come.)

    P.S. rating box width and aliment in the plugin main settings affect only the default widget, the other widgets has a 100% width which basically doesn’t require alignment.

    Also there is an option to hide rating box in specific review (it’s located at the display tab).

    If all this didn’t work for you, then hide the rating box, and use [ratingbox] shorcode instead.

    You should keep an eye on this entry where I post about the plugin’s recent updates.

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