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    First of all I’m very satisfied with the wpr plugin for our website. I asked one of our custs to add a review and found out that his link is’t opened in a new page. Is it possible to change this, I want new visitors to stay on my page. It’s about this page: Werken in de Cloud

    Many thanks!

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    Hi Marcel,

    Most likely this is Theme related; the plugin doesn’t change how a Theme prints the comment author name.

    I see that you are building a new website, what happen when you add a normal comment? (without choosing any rating)

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    Hello Hesham,

    thanks for your reply. What I mean is that when you click on the comment author name the link opens in the same page. I want it to be opened in a new blank page.

    But I’ve done what you asked me. My settings do not allow comments without rating, so I got the message Notice: please choose a rating before you submit your reviews!

    Hit the Back button to complete the review.

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    We just need this to make a test, you can change the plugin settings to not make user rating required, then return it back when you are done!

    You will find this option in the plugin settings page > Rating > Make User Rating Required (un-tick this check box).

    I think this is a Theme related thing, so it’s not part of my support! You may want to check this link, I hope it helps.

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    hello Hesham,

    thx for your reply. I found out that this is indeed a theme issue. My theme is build on the Genesis 2.0 framework and based on the Genesis 2.0 Sample theme. I’ve tested it on my other website also build on Genesis 2.0 using the same theme and indeed author comments are not openen in a new window.

    I found this article and tried it but it didn’t help for me.

    So I will ask Studiopress if they can fix this for me.

    thx Marcel

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    Great, I hope it goes well.

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