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    I have set up the Reviews Submit by including the short code in a page.

    My question:

    I do not require all of the fields that are being displayed. How can I turn some of them off (stop them displaying). I notice for example that I can deactivate the pros/cons fields in settings but I can’t see any options to deactivate other fields.

    Also, the default criteria that I have set up are not displaying in the form. It is giving the user the option to add new criteria. The tick box ‘use as default criteria’ is correctly ticked in the settings screen.

    Regards, Shaun

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    There are other general options in the plugin settings, under the Display tab.

    The criteria is not part of the shortcode, so it won’t show.

    I am not sure where do you want to display the Rating Box, but try to think of displaying it below content (for example) so you can display the whole Rating Box (with no need to use the shortcode).

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    Oh, sorry.. please scratch my other reply above…

    The Submit Add-on settings has options to decide which fields you want to use on the form, please check this page:

    The default criteria doesn’t have impact on the add-on’s form, this is how it works. (Users decides which criteria to add). Or you can disable it within the add-on, and decide it within the WP Reviews plugins settings, then click on the “Update Criteria” button which will update all submitted posts with the default set of criteria fields.

    I hope this makes sense.

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    Hi Shaun,

    You’ve replied directly to the email notification! Please, reply in the support forum on the site (I don’t provide support by email because I always lose track of these emails).

    1- For the price field, there is no option to do that because it’s required by the markup.

    However, you can remove it manually by editing the shortcode_submit.php file that is located at /wp-reviews-submit/inc/ folder, and remove the price field. You will find it near line 295 (remove the code from the open div to the close div.

    2- This is not possible. The only way to do so it to disable the criteria, then create it manually for each submission by yourself.

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