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    I purchases this today but when I’ve gone to look for the plugin settings to activate the premium plugin there’s nowhere for the API code. I can see that I’m using a WP version that the plugin isn’t yet compatible with, can you help please?



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    Hi Olly, this is interesting. Are you running the latest version of WordPress? (The plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress).

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    Yes, I’m running version 3.6.1 of WordPress. I’ve tried deactivating and deleting the plugin, then re-installing it, but still can’t see where I can input the API code 🙁

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    I’ve updated the plugin just now. Please download it within your account and install the new updated version

    Let me know if this solve the issue.

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    Installed! And it turns out that it was more my ignorance – I was tryign to install through the WP plugin function and didn’t realise that I had to download the zip file from your site and upload it onto my site. That’s probably because I’m a rank beginner with this stuff, but the instructions in the Docs part of your site appeared to confirm that I simply installed it via WP.

    All sorted now in any case, very sorry if I’ve caused any inconvenience.

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    I see. No need to apologize, I have been there too.

    Actually install a plugin via WordPress means within the WordPress plugins page (like any other plugin) but of course it should be uploaded 🙂

    I will enhance the documentation as soon as I get a chance, there are actually several changes has been made to the plugin and the documentation is outdated.

    Glad things are working for you now.

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