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    Can someone help me figure out how to get the rating to show in google?

    I have tried the following:

    “Hide rating stars?” for the Snippets display

    Rating Stars Widget

    Neither has resulted in showing up in google and I have waited for it to cache and it did today and none of those elements work – please advise on an alternative to get this working! Thank you!

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    If the plugin can validate Google snippets test tool, then it’s up to Google to decide whither to show or remove rating from your site.

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    I understand but it’s not just on one site and I just would like to know what settings everyone else has – maybe I’m doing something wrong…

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    o Simon

    just untick the “Calculations” box and set your “Rating value” and “Rating count” by hand, that works for me (in the rich snipping testing tool no clue will it get proper recognized in the rankings… we will see).


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