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    Q1. Should I post a product review (with rating) first before I can use the table?
    Q2. Do I need the full code below? What’s cpt?

    [wprs-table type=”rating” cpt=”test” taxonomy=”” tax_term=”” parent=”” cat=”1″ num=”10″ rank=”no” title=”My awesome product” images=”no” summary=”no” price=”no” rating=”no” action=”no”]

    Q3. Can I display an affiliate image link in the product review, instead of uploading an image?
    Q4. What’s the dimension for the upload image? The product review rescale my image and it looks bad.


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    Hi Amal,

    1) Yes, that is correct as it’s called a ranking table, so practically it won’t display any entry without rating!

    2) No, you don’t need the full code, you just need to Type and CPT parameters (CPT refers to Custom Post Type). The add-on settings page explains each of the parameters available. (In your dashboard, under the Rich Snippets plugin main menu, you will find the add-on settings page, which explains everything you need to know about using it)

    3) The image is linked to the actual review entry on your website, this is how the add-on works. Maybe we can add this feature latter on to the add-on.

    4) Practically, you can an image with width equal to the content area’s width or more, so let’s say an image with a width of 728px should display fine, however put in mind that height should be less than width, I personally use images with 728px width, and height of 300px.

    I hope this answers your questions.

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    Thanks for your response

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    No problem, I hope it helped!

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