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    Eric Stauffer

    I just upgraded from the free version of authorhreview, with the sole purpose of being able to add basically the “review criteria” from the WP Reviews plugin. What I want is a very simple box that I can do something like this:

    Quality: (Stars)
    Customer Service: (Stars)
    Location: (Stars)

    Overall Rating (Stars)

    Is there anyway to do that with these? I cannot seem to add extra criteria to AuthorHReview, and the WP Reviews box is way to big for what I need… especially because I cannot disable the image.

    If not, do you issue refunds? I really do not need these plugins if they cannot do this.


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    Hi Eric, sorry for the late reply. I don’t plan to add the criteria fields to the Author hRevew plugin.

    Please use the contact form to confirm the refund request.

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