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    Hi Hesham,

    I must say I was at first scared to spend 60$ on a plugin. Now I realize this plugin is great, and that it will easily pay off if I configure it to suit my site needs.

    1) I am having trouble with thumbnails. I created a page upon your suggestion that I want to look similar to
    My page currently looks like this

    As you can see thumbnails are not same size and also plugin takes image uploaded in a review as a thumbnail. Is there a way it can generate featured image from the post?
    In my review I would like to put a video and plugin shows thumbnail from the video.

    But if that is not possible, how can my images at least be of a same size?

    2) On the page there are some ranking boxes and overall review next to the each review posted. How can I make them on my page?

    3) I see price is a must to be entered on a review. Does that influence rich snippets ,since my reviews are hard to price as they are collectables.

    Suggestion :
    1) Is there a way that items can be sorted by review criteria and not rating (1-5 stars) ?

    Because I plan to have 100ยดs of reviews and if they are all 4.5 or 5.00 it will be hard to see which one is top. On the other hand if I can sort them by review criteria, it will be much clear.

    I just started figuring out this plugin and I am sure you will hear from me again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best wishes and thank you in advance for your support!

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    Thanks for your feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here are my answers:

    1) Have you tried to add a widget area at the top of content?

    The top rated reviews only shows via a widget, this means you will need to create a new custom widget area in your Theme so that you can use that widget. (the shortcode display is different)

    The plugin supports YouTube videos, you can add the video’s short URL and the plugin will display the Video in the Rating Box instead of an image, then will try to grab the video’s thumbnail to be used in the widgets.

    Or actually the best way would be using the images in the post meta box for all of your reviews. You will need to edit those images and re-size them to have the same width and height for best results.

    2) As I mentioned in #1, this is automatically generated by the Top Rated Reviews widget, and it requires your Theme to have a full width custom widget area. (I see you are using Genesis, so probably you can use a plugin like Genesis Simple Sidebars to do so)

    3) Price may influence rich snippets when user reviews is enabled, if you are creating Editor only reviews, then you may hide price or leave the field empty.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I’ve thought about this before, but it’s not that easy to achieve, especially if you are using different set of criteria on reviews. I know some members do have different type of reviews and criteria as well, so when I update the plugin I have to make sure it will work well for everyone, that’s why I didn’t consider this update. However, maybe I will find a good way in the future.

    Sure, anytime.

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    Hesham, thank you for taking your time to reply to my long list of questions.

    Your answers solved my problems.
    I am also looking forward to the criteria sorting, it would be amazing to be able to sort reviews that way, as it will really be more precise.

    You can use some sort of formula that can take average from the all criteria and then sort items on best review widget that way.

    I hope you will do that as it will benefit lots of people.

    I have one last question though.
    About size of the images.
    Now, when I put an image into display on the review it shows on the widget review page and sorts all reviews in order.
    I see that image size you use is 728×30. However items I review are vertical, and horizontal photos just do not look good for them. I tried with size 250×300 and 300×300 but images are not clear enough on review display page, but are great on the widget page where I sort reviews.

    Is there a way either to remove image from display but still show it on the widget review page? Or is there a size that you can recommend me to use for the images?

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work.
    Have a nice day!

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    No problem, glad to help.

    Speaking about images, I just see that 728×300 is ideal to cover the width of content area in most of Themes.

    I suggest you edit the images in an image editor software before uploading them, at the end there is no way to fit every image without editing. I say this because I don’t want to crop any images via the plugin, I prefer to leave that for the user to decide (If I crop images, it will lose details and maybe miss important parts of it).

    If this doesn’t work for you, I’ve just released an update for the plugin to handle image display. In the plugin settings; I added a check box under the Display tab to disable image display in Rating Box. So, please download the new update (version and install it instead of the old version you have on your site.

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    Hesham, thank you so much for releasing this update. It works perfectly and was exactly what I need.

    Here is my idea for sorting by criteria

    Make a total of all criteria : 100% + 85% + 65% + 75%
    then divide it by number of criteria which in this case is
    (100 + 85 + 65 +75) / 4 = 81.25

    Then again that result divide by 10 81.25/10 = 8.1 which can be average rating.

    Then sort via widget on page by descending.

    So instead of 5/5 you can have 10/10

    Is something like this possible?

    I am sure many people here have tons of items to review. If we have for example “best mobile phone” page with 150 reviews , imagine 50 of them having 4.5 which would not be precise to sort.

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    On the first chance; I will see what I can do, I just have a new plugin to release soon, which is keeping me really busy!

    Thanks again for your recommendations. I appreciate it.

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