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    Gina Pano

    I’ve downloaded your plugin initially from (v However it doesn’t give the option “to switch to a mini rating box” as shown in the screenshots, only to “hide the rating box”. How can I display a mini rating box then?

    Is the plugin on a more updated version or the plugin that can be found on your site here?

    How can I get the shortcodes to work as they aren’t displaying the review box. For example, when I type in [ratingbox] nothing happens.

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    Gina Pano

    Also, how can I change the text “Product by” and not show “Reviewed by”

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    Hi Gina,

    The version on is a light version, so you probably need to login to your account here at, then download the Pro version of the plugin.

    For your review to take effect, you must provide rating in your post using the review meta box fields, then save the post. Also, something to put in mind, this shortcode works only in the same review post, so it can’t be used outside of the review post.

    Update: To show the mini rating box, you just want to hide the default rating box within the plugin settings page, and enable the mini box which shows at the very end of the review post.

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    To change “Product by” you must edit the review template manually.

    For example, if you are using the default template, then you can edit the default.php file that is located at /inc/templates/ folder. Open that file, and simply search for the text “Product by” and edit it, then update the file on your server (you can use FTP client to do so).

    For the other part of your question (hide the “Reviewed by” ) I suggest you use CSS to do this, if you don’t know CSS, then please don’t do it!

    The reviewed name is important for markup, so basically you don’t want to remove it, (but hide it if you can)

    I won’t recommend any of that though!

    P.S. Just to let you know, support if Not about customizing the plugin to fit your needs, but it’s more about actually making the plugin work!

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    Gina Pano

    Thanks for your help – appreciate it.

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