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    Rebecca Robertson

    First off, I was reluctant about buying the plugin because it seemed to be built for software reviewers, but now that I have I’m happy that I did. I can see that it’s going to make creating my reviews so much easier! I especially love the ability to add pros and cons.

    Unfortunately, while it works with my template just fine, it doesn’t look terribly nice.

    Would it be possible to separate out some of the elements in the review for custom placement within the post? Couldn’t this be done through shortcodes?
    I was hoping that with WP Reviews I could use the basic review box on the right side of my page like with Author hReview and then have room for my ramblings (oh, my actual review of the product), followed by separate side-by-side pros and cons, and then my final recommendation. Right now the WP Review stuff takes up all of my page, which wouldn’t be so bad except that it doesn’t look that great in my theme. My only option was to deactivate WP Reviews and use hReview, which means I’ve lost all of the other cool features.. especially my favorite, the pros and cons :(.

    It seems to me that editing the current shortcode or creating a second one to look like the basic box from hReview would work quite nicely.

    The ability to add price ranges or multiple prices based on product version would be nice.
    For instance, I review art supplies, which frequently come in multiple sizes (set of 24, 36, 60, 120 colored pencils, etc.) and doing a separate review for each size and price is pretty ridiculous and redundant as they are the same product.

    A “Was this review helpful” section.
    At this point I don’t need my visitors to review the products, but I would like to know if they found my review useful and making it easy for them to tell me even if they don’t want to leave a comment. In addition to giving me information about what my readers find useful and what I should focus on, letting visitors rate my review tells new readers (and possibly people searching on Google) that my reviews are useful.

    Thank you for your time and for your wonderful plugin.

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    Hi Rebecca,

    first of all, thanks for your great feedback.

    You see, I am working now on making the plugin work for everyone, which is almost impossible 🙂 Also, more options always means more bugs and problems. So, we have to be careful when adding a new feature to the plugin, that’s why I take only the best suggestion and request to add them to my to do list.

    I am not in the phase of fixing bugs and add main functionality that will work latter together with an internal simple template system, so I can add more templates to switch between without breaking the markup.

    – The idea of short codes maybe will work, and maybe not, there is a structure for markups, some elements has to have specific order so it can be validated by Google.

    – Price range isn’t part of the markup used by the plugin, but it’s on my plans to find a way to do that. (I recommend you use the lowest price for now)

    – I will think about the “Was this review helpful” section, if this was a rating, it will require some changes in the core though. (not really what I was planning).

    I am always open for any suggestions that could make this plugin better. I appreciate it.

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