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    Rodolfo Young

    Hi, I’ve been trying to display testimonials in a post using shortcodes…I have tried many different syntax for shortcode…sometimes getting just blank space (which I think is the closest to actually dispaying it…and other times getting the error, “no testimonials found” which I think is me just putting id’s in the wrong format…because there is testimonials in the specificed categories. I found online that there had been a problem with div tag Clear…so I’ve removed from most plugin files…still having issue.

    Any recommendations?

    Here is a sample page I’ve been attempting this in –

    And these are the shortcodes I’m using on that page:

    [testimonials_simple id=4003]

    [testimonials_tooltip cat=sit]

    [testimonials_bubble cat=sit id=4000]

    Thanks for any help!

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    The “no testimonials found” message is not an error, it’s just a message to let you know that plugin couldn’t find testimonials that match query arguments.

    Try filling all the testimonials meta fields, some fields are required, and without it the plugin won’t display testimonials. (for example: email or image URL).

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    Erica Mueller

    Client Name is the only field marked Required. Do we actually need an email address or image URL? I’m trying to use this for a client’s site and she sent me testimonials from readers, but no emails or images. I was hoping we wouldn’t need them. But, I can’t get the rank and name to save…

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    Actually, all fields are required. You can change that by editing the shortcode_submit.php file that is located at wp-customer-testimonials\inc\shortcodes\ folder.

    Remove required=”required” from the field code.

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