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    Amir Allakhverdi

    I installed ionCube PHP Loader for my hosting, but I still get this message ? Please advice.

    The Author hReview plugin requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed on your web hosting, in most cases you will have it already installed but (not activated), just follow these steps…..

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    Hi Amir,

    If you are getting this message then be sure 100% that ionCube loader is not running on your server. It took me 2 times to chat with the people over GoDaddy to make it work, so please try again.

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    Amir Allakhverdi

    Yes it took me 1 hour on the phone with GoDaddy and make ionCube loader run. here is good post that helped a lot.

    Can you please help me do the star ratings under url in google search results for my home page like you have?

    Thank you,

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    Glad you managed that, and thanks for the link.

    You will need to install the Customer Testimonials plugin, to download it login to your account, and click on “Add/Renew Subscription” tab, choose the plugin then use “FREE” in the coupon code field.

    Download the plugin and install it, then please read the documentation to learn more about using the plugin.

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