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    Instead of having users create reviews through WP comments, enabling them to do so through the Disqus platform would be excellent.

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    Ron, this is not possible due to the nature of Disqus platform, it’s hosted out of your server, so I can’t have control over it.

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    Devi Sekzi

    Would there be any way of perhaps allowing users to simply add ratings to the user rating fields without actually having to tie this into the comment loop perhaps? So visitors could comment OR leave a rating? (Maybe both.. ) But sort of not tie WP Reviews directly into Disqus maybe, but just have another avenue for them to interact with the site if Disqus is used on it?

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    I hear what you say, but it will take a huge amount of changes to make to the core of the plugin and the way data is saved to provide such functionality, and practically this is not a good thing for members who already using the plugin.

    So, to be honest; I can’t do this.

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