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    John Albritton

    Ok- I am brand new and just downloaded both hreviews and WP reviews. First question. Do I need both? I thought WP reviews included everything as Hreviews and then some.

    After installing both plugins, I first tried WP Reviews, I activated the plugin and activated my api. After doing so. I do not see the aadditional features on the posting page or settings under review. I tried the same thing on H reviews and same results. Any help you can provided would be apprecaited

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    Hi John, no you don’t need both. Actually, if you tried to activate them both, only the WP Reviews plugin will activate and disable the Author hReview plugin.

    Once the plugin is activated and validated (API validation), you should see the Review Settings (meta box) in the post editor.

    I recommend you go through the documentation to know what these plugins can do for you.

    P.S. Providing a link to your site (or actual review post) is always a good idea. I can’t help much without it.

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    John Albritton

    Thanks for getting back. The problem is that I do not see the review setting on my post page. My site is – Just getting started

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    John Albritton

    Also – I am not sure the api code is properly validated. I click validate and it just states “settings saved”

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    This happen because you are using “www” in the domain, try to remove it and use only the domain name as it shown in the plugin activation page.

    There is actually a note in your profile says:

    Enter your domain(s) in the above field, one domain per line.
    (Do NOT include http:// or www)

    Let me know if all went good after you make this change.

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