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    Claire Regan

    Hi Hesham,

    I am using your WP Rich Snippets plugin on a site where only registered users can leave reviews. When users sign up to the site they enter profile information which is publicly visible and relevant to any reviews they leave.

    I need to include an automatic link from the author’s name to their WordPress profile for each review, as is done in the regular comment template. Is this possible?


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    Hi Claire,

    The comment form in WordPress link the commentator’s name to the “website link” (not the “profile page” link), or maybe some Theme dose it.

    Anyways, I just realized that I’ve missed linking the name in the plugin, so it’s not linked to anything, really!

    So, I am going to link it the way WordPress dose it, and probably have an option to switch to the profile page within the plugin settings so it will work for your case.

    I am not sure when exactly the next update will be release, so if you submit a Support Ticket within your account I will see if I can add it for you sooner.

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    Claire Regan

    Thanks Hesham, I’ll do that now.

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