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    Paula Boyles

    We are experiencing many problems trying to install and configure the WP Rich Snippets plugin.

    1) The primary problem we are experiencing is with the size of the review on the page. Even a basic review with minimal information and no image pushes our sidebar off the page, forcing it to appear below the review block.

    2) When we add an image, it expands to fill the page, no matter how small the image is.

    3) Any text I add to the page (in the page editor) will only appear between the review block and the Pros & Cons area. I need to add text above and below, and would like to have a short code to add the review to a page (or similar).

    4) I cannot locate a list of short codes available to add review components to a page.

    5) The support link in the dashboard links me to a 401 page.

    ….among other problems.

    Help please!

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    Paula Boyles

    ADDENDUM: We uninstalled WP Rich Snippets, and installed the last stable version of the WP Reviews plugin.

    1) Our formatting problem went away. The right-hand column on our pages was unaffected.

    2) Our image size problem remains. The image is HUGE and fills the width of the page. I can see no obvious controls to adjust the image size.

    3) This plugin has more short codes available, which may allow us to do what we need to do easier than WP Rich Snippets.

    We will continue to add to this thread as problems arise, or are resolved.

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      Paula Boyles

      UPDATE (Summary)

      1) The REVIEWS plugin does not push our right-hand sidebar off the page (in our limited testing). However, the WP RICH SNIPPETS plugin does.

      2) BOTH plugins display HUGE images and we can’t find a way to scale them.

      3) We cannot get user review entry to work in either plugin. We have tried every checkbox and combination but are unable to see how reviews are entered by site visitors.

      4) Is there a video available or a screencast showing how to set up either of the plugins. We have spent hours upon hours working with this and we are not finding the experience very intuitive so far. We have never used either of the plugins before and the documentation isn’t written for the inexperienced.

      I realize that it’s a holiday but if anyone can help, I would appreciate it. We’re supposed to launch our site in a few days.

      Thank you.

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    Paula Boyles


    You may delete this thread. We are continuing to test the Rich Snippets plugin, and will post a more coherent list of problems when we are finished.

    FYI, the WP Reviews plugin does not break our site’s format and theme. Our sidebar appears normally. However, the Rich Snippets plugin is too wide and eliminates our sidebar. If this cannot be resolved, then we will not be able to use the plugin.

    We are doing additional testing though, and will post more information in a single post later today.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Paula,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    There must be a conflict between the WP Rich Snippets plugin and the Theme you are using. However, I can’t assist you without having a link to one of your reviews.

    To get user rating work:

    – In the WP Rich Snippets plugin, you just need to choose aggregate or votes type in the meta box, and also -in the plugin settings, under Rating tab- enable user reviews for anyone to allow un-registered users (website visitors) to submit their rating and reviews.

    – In the WP Reviews plugin, you must enable user rating via the plugin settings as well, then there is two ways, the first is to add editor rating, or without adding editor rating (you must then “Enable User Snippets” via the Reviews meta box).

    The Plugin is using full image dimensions, but it’s applying responsive styles to the images, I won’t be changing this for the Box, but I am working on using smaller sized images for the widget. Anyways, the images has to be edited and re-sized before you actually upload them or use the media uploader to re-size or crop images. Please, don’t expect that the plugin will re-size the images by itself.

    There is no video for the plugin, there is only the documentation, which I am going to extend with more details in the future.

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