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    Richard Hennessy

    I have just uploaded hReview plugin and am generally pleased but I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help with.

    When I write a review it adds to the page fine but just under the stars it says “editor rating”. This makes it look like I have given myself the stars rather than me writing the number of stars the client has given me. Any idea how I can change this to “[client’s name] rating”?

    The second problem I have is with adding a picture to the review. I have uploaded a 150px image to the media file in WP but am unable to add the image into the review. Any help on this would also be very appreciated.

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    Hi Richard,

    The idea of the plugin is to add markups to “product reviews” by authors/editors, so basically it’s idea for a review type of site, and wasn’t designed for product owners, it just doesn’t make sense to review your own product, so I suggest you actually don’t do that.

    Add the Image URL directly in the “Upload Image” field under the display tab.

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