How to fix Duplicate Content Display with Views Plugin?

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    Johnny Vasquez

    You mentioned there was an update for the shortcode to be used with the Views plugin to address the duplicate content display.

    “Added shortcode [wpr-raw-content] to replace [wpv-post-body] in Views plugin, fix duplicate content display.”

    How should this be implemented in a view template?

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    Johnny Vasquez

    I think I figured out the duplicate content issue, but I’m still having trouble arranging the placement of the review boxes.

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    Practically, I’ve added a fix for that in some release before:

    – Added shortcode [wpr-raw-content] to replace [wpv-post-body] in Views plugin to fix duplicate content display.

    I can’t be that much useful with our a link to your site where I can see the issue. Also, please explain what you are trying to do in details.

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    Johnny Vasquez

    Here’s a link to an example on my site:

    I wand to have the review summary box and pros and cons show up at the top of the page, before the video. Then have everything else below. It would be good to have the review bottom box after the main content portion.

    I’m also getting duplicate content again.

    Any thoughts? The Views documentation is a little bit lacking in how to actually use the view template function. It would be nice to have a tutorial on here showing how to use your fix for duplicate content.

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    Johnny Vasquez

    It looks like its not possible to use a WYSIWYG field on a custom post type View Template without showing duplicate content.

    I fixed that, but I can’t figure out how to move the review to the top of the page.

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