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    Laura Rodriguez

    Hi Hesham
    As I discussed with you in the pre-sale questions, I would like to completely remove some fields from the testimonies form. In my case the fields related to website:

    Website url:
    Website title:

    My users do not have websites and I don´t need them to complete those fields. Could you point me to the steps on how to:

    – remove those fields from the front end
    – remove the validation functions related to those fields (i don´t want to overload the script with the functions that I don´t need)

    Thank you

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    To remove unwanted fields you can delete them from the shortcode_submit.php file. in that file search for “start form” and you will figure it out.

    P.S. remove the whole field code starting from tr to /tr.

    If you want to keep the fields, but don’t want them to be required, then simply remove the required=”required” tag from it.

    I hope this helps.

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