How to create multiple items on one table?

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    Brandon Stosh

    Since there is no documentation on this plugin, how do you get multiple items to show up on on table? Adding the shortcode only inputs what you type into the rich snippets plugin area. Also the rich snippets plugin area does not support adding multiple products in one review.
    If you add the shortcode again, it creates a whole new table. How do you add multiple products into one table?

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    Brandon Stosh

    Hi actually just figured out how to get multiple items on the table. So for this plugin you cannot build custom tables, it builds itself? So if I need multiple tables with different items sets I cannot do that? Every time I make a new post with the shortcode it adds the product.

    I thought I could make multiple tables with different items. No? I want to make separate tables for various posts, but each post needs a different item set, not the same 1 2 3 4 5 6 products.

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    Hi Brandon,

    Yes, as you figured it out; the add-on build the table automatically based on what parameters you’ve used in the shortcode.

    Because this is a ranking table; it doesn’t make sense to allow users to pick which reviews to show on the table.

    Check out the Compare add-on, maybe it will do what you want. It’s designed to compare relevant products, so you can make several tables and choose reviews by ID. (here is a link to its documentation page).

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