How can I display editor ratings in add-ons when in aggregate view?

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    John Edmond

    I have a new site to which I have just added the Rich Snippets plugin and add-ons including display rating,, compare and call to action. I can get them to work, my problem is that, at present, I have no user reviews and the add-ons only show empty stars. Although there are editor reviews, it looks like the site is not functioning. I can get the editor ratings to display but only if I switch to Review type and then the user reviews are disabled.

    Is there a way to have both? What I want, at least for now, is to have editor reviews shown in the add-ons but user reviews to be enabled. Is this possible or will it be possible soon? If not maybe I need to switch to WP Reviews as I seem to recall that facility is available there?

    I’m waiting to launch a 2nd review site but I’d like this resolved first.

    I submitted on this forum as, although it covers several add-ons, it seems to be a functionality of the plugin that’s an issue.

    Apart from this I’m very happy with the plugins and add-ons.


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    Hi John,

    This won’t work on all add-ons, some of them has no controls so probably it need to be updated, I will see what I can do about it.

    But to get this to work on the main Box, please take a look to this solution I posted in another thread.

    I hope this helps.

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    John Edmond

    Hi Hesham,

    I’ve already added the function to get the plugin to work but, while the full review is fine, none of the add-ons will display the rating stars as I want. With the WPRS Display Rating plugin selecting the option “Enable on excert” gets the stars to display but all the add-ons still only display user ratings and at present there aren’t any. Both Call to Action and Compare also show the same empty stars from user reviews. Take a look at my homepage to see what I mean ( I want the editor rating displayed on this page and the other pages using these plugins – not the user rating – how can I get this?

    Does this work the way I want it on WPRS Reviews? If so I this may be a better option for me at present.


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