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    Kolia Bogumil

    Hi, I am using the plugin on a german site. So I’d like to change some of the default outputs to german words like “Rating” to “Bewertung” “Review Summary” to “Zusammenfassung” and so on.
    Is that possible e.g. which file do I have to edit, to get this done?
    Kind regards

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    Hi Kolia,

    The WP Reviews plugin is translated ready, this means you can translate the front-end to any language.

    To do so in an easy way, I recommend using a plugin like Codestyling Localization, install it on your site, then you will be able to translate the text by following the plugin instructions.

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    Kolia Bogumil

    Hi, thanks for your reply. But unfortunately this doesn’t work as easy as expected.
    Since I get the following warnings.
    “Fehler: Die aktuell geladenen Texte gehören nicht zur Texdomain: wp-reviews
    Erwarten Sie, dass jeder Text, der nun übersetzt wird, nicht erscheinen wird, solange die Textdomains nicht übereinstimmen.
    Dies ist ein Problem in der Programmierung der Quelldateien, die Sie zu übersetzen versuchen. Kontaktieren Sie den Autor und erklären Sie das Problem.”

    Googles Translation:
    Error: The currently loaded texts do not belong to Texdomain: wp-reviews
    Expect that any text that is now translated, will not be released as long as the text domains do not match.
    This is a problem in the programming of the source files that attempt to translate. Contact the author and explain the problem.

    Warnung: Die aktuell verfügbaren Text kommen aus verschiedenen Textdomains und können nicht einheitlich in einer Textdomain übersetzt werden.
    Es scheint so, daß in den Quelldateien Code enthalten ist, der per Copy & Paste aus anderen Plugins, Themes oder Widgets stammt.
    Die betroffenen, unbekannten Textdomains sind:

    Googles Translation:
    Warning: The currently available text from different text domains and can not be uniformly translated into a text domain.
    It seems that in the source files code is included, which comes from other plugins, themes or widgets with Copy & Paste.
    The affected, unknown text domains are:

    Do you have any Idea how I can handle that?
    Kind regards

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    Strange! I don’t get such errors. Are you using the WP Reviews plugin?

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    Kolia Bogumil

    I am sorry, I made a mistake in handling the CodeStyling Localization plugin. Everything is fine now.

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      Great, thanks for letting me know.

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