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    I have noticed that on yelp Rich Snippet they show the number of reviews and the rating – while when I installed mine it simply says the number of votes instead of the word “reviews”.

    How do I change it to say Rating: 5 – 20 Reviews

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    That’s because we don’t display reviews on the front page, we instead use vote to be able to present only the number of votes and the count.

    It’s not going to work the other way in the plugin.

    P.S. By the way, you are posting to the wrong forum!

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    Cant the word Votes simply be changed to reviews? Also sorry about posting in the wrong spot – also for some reason activating that plugin makes my site not W3C validate!

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    Chris Baxter

    You think that your site validation is off?

    My site only got 22 W3 errors due to the plugin, but I checked one of Hesham’s site pages which uses the plugin and it has 169 errors, lol.

    Hesham’s review page

    Hesham’s validation results

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    It’s almost impossible to satisfy validation tools and have fancy features! I don’t really pay too much attention to it anymore and I think it’s a waste of time, especially that most browsers are able to read the pages correctly!

    P.S. Almost all the popular sites has at least 10+ errors or warnings! Check out Google’s, they have 34 Errors, 2 warning(s) so far!

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    Martin Cooney


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