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    Erik Steinnes Wiig

    I was considering buying this add-on but i have a feature that is vital for me to justify the purchase.

    I would like for it to be OPTIONAL for admin to choose what the viewer can submit in terms of criteria:

    OPTION 1. (currently how the plugin is set up)
    They can submit their own custom criteria

    OPTION 2.
    They can only rate criteria’s based on preset defined criteria’s:

    OPTION 3.
    They can rate on preset defined criteria’s AND add their own criteria’s to them.
    Meaning a mix of option 1 and 2.

    option to change the naming of “PRODUCT NAME”

    I am using wp-reviews to review asian girl models, and i can hardly call them a product 🙂 I could get sued lol 😛

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    Erik Steinnes Wiig


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    This will complicate how the add-on works, I will look into it, but not a promise!

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    Erik Steinnes Wiig

    no problem, i don’t want to make unreasonable requests… and you looking into it or just considering it, is more than enough for me. thanks

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