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    I know that yelp when they show the Rich Snippets they show the number of reviews and the review rating in Google. Is there a way you can modify it so there is no price and it doesnt display as Free? I’m worried some customers may think I am offering the service for free when I am trying to sway them with my 5 star rating. Can you please advise? 🙁

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    Why don’t you just set your price? If you have tow prices or a range, then just use the lowest price.

    Yelp is using different markups, also the Customer Testimonial plugin dose quite different job, there is no compassion!

    Price in the Customer Testimonials plugin is mandatory.

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    The issue is the range is really high and I am worried if I set a low price everyone will want that price – because pricing for us varies based on many variables. No idea what to do 🙁 No way to make that plugin work like the way yelp displays their reviews? They do a really good job by showing number of reviews and the review – which I would think is the way this plugin should display – otherwise why ask the number of reviews if not display it?

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