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    Hello Hesham
    I’m having issues with the icon fonts for the review display. Please check the screenshots at 1) and 2)

    I surely do know the cause of the issue. It’s happening because I’m using my own icon fonts (which is a combination of a large collection of fonts generated at I believe my set-up of the icons is messing up with the plugin’s integration of FontAwesome.

    So what do you think should be the best fix for the same?

    (PS – I hope you don’t need the live site view. But let me know if you need ANY information and ANY data from the site)

    Raaj Trambadia

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    Have you tried to disable the Font Awesome loading within the plugin settings?

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    Yes, I did that before (forgot to mention) but the problem – as stated there – is that the stars disappear while the other icons then work fine.

    Raaj Trambadia

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    Yeah, I thought so. My guess it that your set from doesn’t include the icon-star.

    Would you check and see if you can add it so then you disable the FontAwesome totally and use your Fontello collection? (the other way around is more complicated)

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    Oh, I also figure out that it could be because of the font name, it’s set in the style.css file:

    font-family: FontAwesome;

    Maybe you can go though the style.css and change that to your own font name, let me know if it works.

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    Well apparently, I decided to stick with FontAwesome (as I’ve been doing since months with my other sites). Just wanted to give a try to some other icon packages, but it turns out that 80% of the icons I usually use are the same (a few lines here and there maybe).

    So, it’s all good now.

    Thanks Hesham.

    Raaj Trambadia

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    Sounds good.

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