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    Carlos Salas

    I’m currently using the WP Reviews plugin since I like the way review box shows up with the Author and the User Reviews rating next to each other see link here http://toplegalhghreviews.com/dekka-legal-mass-builder-review

    So my questions are:

    1. How long does it take for the snippets to show within google?

    2. Can the Rich Snippet Plugin show the review box the same way as the WP Reviews?

    3. In order for me to run any of the add ons do I need to have the Rich Snippet Plugin activated?

    Also if I activate the Rich Snippet Plugin I have two different boxes show up and it also breaks any current User Reviews, that is why Im running the WP Reviews Plugin.

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    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for using the plugin.

    1- This one belong to Google, but mostly the Rich Snippets should show once Google re-index your pages and update the search results.

    2- Practically they are different plugins, but if you are talking about Editor/User ratings on the same Box, this will be added in the future to the WP Rich Snippets plugin.

    3- Yes, that is correct. Add-ons depends on the WP Rich Snippets plugin, so it must be installed and active on your website.

    For your last question, I am not sure what you mean. If you had both plugins active, please deactivate one of them, use only one plugin. The most recommended plugin is the latest in the package, the WP Rich Snippets plugin.

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